Making the Center Bud of a Hydrangea

If you have read my last two posts about making Peonies for my mom’s birthday then you know where I got my inspiration for making the Hydrangeas.  If you haven’t read my last two posts and would like to, click here to read part 1 and click here to read part 2.  Before I started making the center bud of the Hydrangeas I searched the Web to get some ideas.  From everything that I saw one of them really stood out the most.  Have you heard of Jacqueline Butler of Petal Sweet?  She is an amazing and talented sugar flower artist.  What attracted me most to the buds that she makes is that they look so real and she adds dimension to the flower.  The buds look like they are 3-D.

List of items that you will need:


Take a piece of gum paste and form it with the palms of your hand into a small ball.


Dip the tip of a toothpick into edible glue, wipe off any excess amount.  Insert the toothpick halfway into the gum paste ball.


Grab a blade/knife tool which is going to help you make the indentations.


Hold the toothpick with your left hand and support the back of the ball with your finger.  With the blade/knife tool pointing down, begin to make your indentation. Start making your indentation at the bottom of the ball making your way to the top.


Continue to make 3 more indentations all the way around.


You’re all done!  Let the buds dry out overnight or for 24 hours.

Once the buds have dried out you are now ready to add some color to them.  Place a paper towel on your workspace to catch the petal dust.  Dip the tip of a small brush into the petal dust and tap any excess off the brush.  Apply the petal dust into the indentations of the bud and spreading out into the bud itself.  Once you are happy with the color, boil some water in a pot and pass the colored bud through the steam of the boiling water to set the petal dust.

Your buds are now ready to use!  Stay tuned for the completed Hydrangea flower!


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