How To Level A Cake

When you bake a cake that has two or more layers you always want to make sure that your cake layers are not domed. Domed cake layers make your cake look messy, lopsided and have extra cake filling towards one side. Leveling your cake layers is very important because it helps you create a flat surface for easy stacking and it also makes it easy for you to frost your cake.

I am going to show you my favorite method to level your cakes. The serrated knife method is not only easy but uses a common household item that everyone has. 

Tools Needed:

  • Serrated Knife
  • Wax Paper
  • Ruler
  • Cake Decorating Turntable (if you have one)

Lets start by cutting a piece of wax paper and placing it on top of your cake decorating turntable. If you don’t have a cake decorating turntable just place a piece of wax paper on your counter, this will help catch any cake crumbs and make clean up much faster. When you are starting out you might find that it’s easier to measure with a ruler where you want to cut your cake. With your serrated knife you make small cuts all around the cake. After leveling a few cake layers you will no longer need to measure with a ruler. 


Place your hand on top of the cake and with the other hand insert your serrated knife where you made the first small cut. Slowly turn your cake as you cut through. Make sure the knife is flat at all times. This will ensure that you have nice even flat cake layers. 


Next you are going to take off the top piece of the cake. If you see a side that is not leveled just pass your knife through that one part of the cake. Always remember to make sure your knife is flat.  


And there you have it, cake layers that have been leveled! Don’t they look beautiful as is? These layers are now ready to be filled and stacked.  


Hopefully this will help you level your next cake! Stop by next week and I will show you how to stack and fill your cake.





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